About me

Why a Dodo? Click to find out
Name: Alex Wallis
Gender: Male:
Born: Just before the middle of last century
Where: Newlyn
Nationality: Cornish
Occupation: Retired power engineer
Hobbies: Too numerous to list
Aliases: Many. Including G4DEO
Hair colour: Mainly grey
Emblem: The Dodo
Philosophy: Keep it simple
Actuality: Makes all things complicated
Epitaph: I'm just a fool whose intentions are good.

Why I adopted the Dodo

If you read all this you may feel a Phoenix would be more appropriate but...

From 1979 to 1990 I worked as a Control Engineer looking after the electricity supply for Cornwall. We were a team of six Engineers and six Assistants working shift with one Engineer and one Assistant on duty at all times.
During that time we worked ourselves out of a job by helping to commission the computerised South Western Electricity Data Aquisition and Telecontrol system (SWEDAT). This meant instead of four control rooms the company could save money by centralisng on one control room in England.
Dennis Payne, a friend and colleague, produced this poster:
The text reads:

Cornwallis Controlle Dodos were semi static engineers of which the two species ie. Controlle Engineerous and Assistantis Controlle lived only at Haylee and Poolee centres on the island of Cornwallis.
When Swedatee Remotely discovered the island they hunted the trusting and defenceless birds as fodder and their pigs and dogs destroyed the eggs, laid only one at a time.
The Cornwallis Controlle Dodo depicted here was extinct by 1990, only 80 years after the first sitings.
The Somersetee Controlle Dodos were in fact extinct by 1988.

Coincidental with the closure of our control room the then Cornwall Technical Engineer took up a new job at head office. This was fortunate for me as I managed to persuade the powers that be I was the best person to fill his old post and so I returned to power system protection and all things technical. Basically the same job I held before the control room lured me in 1979.
Then in 1992 the company reorganised and my technical job didn't exist anymore. The Devon Technical Engineer being renamed South Region Technical Engineer and lumbered with both jobs.
This time I got the new post of Engineering Support Manager for Cornwall. This job lasted 2½ years until the next reorganisation.
I got the Technical role back again until I took early retirement in January 2000 after 36 years with the company.
So the Dodo sort of adopted me as my colleagues left the company or moved to England and I became one of the "dying breed".

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